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American and German rifles of the 17th and 18th Centuries frequently were built with a ‘patchbox’, that is, a small compartment on the side of the buttstock. This small box might contain bullets, or patches to wrap the bullet in, or the cavity was often filled with tallow to lubricate the patch.

Here is a rifle with a wooden patchbox. The dovetailed wooden cover slides to the rear when the catch is operated.

lock and butt114_1452

This plane is inspired by the old fashioned wooden planes. This one is a special purpose plane, just for cutting dovetails.

Below is a picture of the complete plane, with a rough patchbox lid in position to be planed. I used maple for the body, and poplar for the wedge.


The knobs tighten the cutter body to the main body, to adjust the depth of the dovetail.


Various views of the parts


Click on each below to download a PDF plan of the plane parts. Format: legal size paper.